Large and Medium-sized Sewage Treatment Station

Scope of application

  1. Domestic sewage treatment (500-100000m3/d)
  2. Wastewater treatment for farms (pig farms, chicken farms, cattle farms, etc.)
  3. Wastewater treatment for food processing plants and slaughterhouses.

Main advantages of the technology

  1. The treated water can be very clean, which can meet all kinds of discharge standards all over the world.
  2. Low operating cost, about 0. 05 USD/m3.
  3. Unattended operation.
  4. No sludge treatment is needed.
  5. No consumables to be replaced regularly.
  6. Odorless: The odor (biogas) generated by the station is collected and burned as fuel after desulphurization (deodorization).

Successful cases

  1. Sewage treatment station of Xiaoshi town, Jiangxi provinceļ¼ŒP.R.CHINA (Completed and put into operation in June 2018) Discharge standard: Chinese urban sewage discharge standard (GB18918-2002) level A standard.

The Business Model for PUXIN Large and Medium-sized Sewage Treatment Station

We are seeking partners around the world with local market development and engineering construction capabilities to work together to build sewage treatment stations for the local market. We design the sewage treatment stations for our partners, sell all the components and construction equipment needed to build the sewage treatment stations to our partners, and our partners build the sewage treatment stations under the guidance of our engineers.

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